•  Single &double channel mV, Ohm measuring.
  •  Single& double channel Two-wire, Three-wire, Four-wire RTD PT100, PT10, CU50, CU100 measuring.
  •  With cold junction compensation single & double channel thermocouple S, R, B, K, N, E ,J ,T measuring
  •  mV, Ohm output
  •  Simulating thermocouple S, R, B, K, N, E, J,T output.
  •  Simulating PT100,PT10,CU50,CU100 output


  •  Rugged structure. Small &beautiful.
  •  Adopting the most popular touch-screen mode.
  •  Intergrating temperature, pressure measuring into one.
  •  With HART Communication function.
  • RS232 Communication port with plentiful direction.
  •  AC&DC application and automatic switch.
  • Manual calibration in order to avoid complex operation.