spectrumanalyzersRigol’s DSA1000 and DSA1000A series products are compact, high performance spectrum analyzers with a redesigned interface focused on efficient analysis. The combination of the widescreen construction, new key layout, and feature set make these spectrum analyzers great benchtop or field tools with the digital horsepower to tackle demanding production wireless applications. The all-digital IF ensures the superior and stable performance. Use the DSA1000 Series for leading cost performance or get the DSA1000A Series for high performance testing and measurement capabilities. Add a tracking generator to test RF components or insertion loss.

Product Model Frequency Range Minimum RBW/DANL
DSA800 DSA815
9kHz-7.5GHz 100Hz/-140dBm
DSA1000A DSA1030A 9kHz-3GHz 10Hz/-148dBm
DSA1000 DSA1030 9kHz-3GHz 100Hz/-138dBm
DSA1020 9kHz-2GHz 100Hz/-120dBm